Mobility and care, on the go.

These two essential things should never be tradeoffs. Now, you can have the certainty of both wherever you are.

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Simply better first aid kits.

We're licensed paramedics. Unlike many of the other brands out there, we know what quality looks like and the items you should have always have on hand. After reviewing hundreds of kits on Amazon and at Walmart, we realized the market needed a kit it could trust.

Carefully designed for active families.

We're not just Paramedics, we're family members too. A situation when someone close to us requires care is never easy. Unfortunately, these can happen anywhere, anytime. We all just need to be prepared with that assumption in mind. That's why we designed our products to include the contents and instruction guides you need when you're depended on most.

Lots of the things you need most.

We've all seen this before, it's just the nature of kids being kids. Bumps and scratches are all too common when biking on trails or around the neighbourhood. That's why we've jam-packed our kit to address the most common and frequent accidents.

Repels water, not good times.

With an impermeable 600D polyester fabric shell and Molle branded strapping, you can be sure the contents of your kit will never be affected by the elements. We don't recommend throwing it overboard, but it can certainly handle a good rain storm.

Portable, when it's time to hit the road.

Relaxation - that's what we all look forward to. It means forgetting about "time" and relieving yourself of tough decisions. We've made it easy for you. Our kits come in three sizes – small ones for the bike/atv, a medium for the car, or a large for your RV.

Built for extreme weather events.

Whether or not you believe in global warming, there is undoubtably an increase in the number of and strength of today's extreme weather events. It's not until these things affect us directly that we realize the importance of being prepared. Don't fall into that trap.

In 2020, more than 30 named storms formed in the Atlantic over a 6 month period. Those that made landfall left millions of people with injuries and little or no access to emergency care for days.

Wild Fires

Just in 2020 alone, over 58,950 were recorded in the USA. in 2021, this figure is expected to increase. The panic and rush to prepare can leave you without access to the things you need in case of injury.


Widely recognized as the most destructive weather phenomenon, the 1,248 events in 2020 caused over $4.4 Billion in damages. If you're in a tornado zone, you should always be prepared for the worst.

America trusts Paramedic Approved.

Absolutely perfect med kit! Thank you. One in each vehicle and at home. Highly recommend!

Received my large and small bag today, unbelievable, they are fantastic. My daughter took the little one and I will carry the large one in my SUV. Thanks for the great gear!

Got my kit today! Well worth the wait. This was brilliantly designed. As I was looking through all the (very well-labeled) pockets, I would wonder, "Oh, did he include X?" And sure enough, there it was! I hope I never have to open it again, but it is well built and includes various hooks and straps for taking it with me almost anywhere. Congratulations, Matthew, on a great launch! I will definitely be recommending this to people in the future.

Grab your first aid kit, today.

...and ensure your first response equipment is Paramedic Approved.