What's Inside

We've highlighted a few things that will most certainly come in handy.
  • Wound Care

    Adhesive dressings, tape and bandages, plus gauze swabs and pads

  • Hygienic Treatment

    Disinfectant antiseptic cleansing wipes, as well as gloves and saline solution

  • Tools & Instruments

    Necessities like bandage shears, face masks, safety pins, tweezers, and more

  • First Aid Collateral

    Helpful assets like a CPR card, notebook and reference guide for support

Adhesive Bandages

The most commonly used item in any first aid kit. Adhesive bandages, more commonly referred to as band-aids, are used
for minor cuts and abrasions. Our adhesive bandages are able to stick to your skin and provide protection from the elements so you can keep that minor wound clean.

Trauma Shears

Come in handy when you need to cut dressings or clothing off to expose an injury. Most trauma shears in first aid kits are flimsy and can't cut very well. Our trauma shears are sturdy and able to cut through almost any type of clothing.

Cotton Gauze Pads

These are used to guard or cushion a wound, as well as absorb any blood coming from the wound. These are highly absorbent and sterile, giving you peace of mind to treat minor to moderate wounds.

Compressive Bandages

Compressive bandages have multiple use cases. They can be applied to strains or sprains to help limit movement as well as prevent swelling. They can also be wrapped around wounds to apply a higher amount of pressure. These are a must-have for any comprehensive first aid kit.

Eye Pads

Eye injuries can be quite scary, and many first aid kits do not provide you with the best way of treating them. Our kits include eye pads, which are applied over the eye to cover the wound and prevent further injury.

Splinter Probes

Everybody HATES splinters. For that reason, our first aid kits include splinter probes to help remove splinters, even if they are very deep inside the skin.

Fever Strips

Rapid changes in body temperature can be very dangerous. Rather than carrying around a bulky thermometer, we have included fever scan strips to be able to quickly check someone's temperature.


These stainless steel tweezers are helpful for picking up small objects or removing debris from the skin. They can also be used to remove stingers left behind by bees.

Antiseptic Cleansing Wipes

Keeping wounds clean is one of the most important elements of first aid. These cleansing wipes help you maintain proper hygiene and prevent the possibility of an infection.

Emergency Blanket

Emergency blankets are used to prevent heat loss in your body caused by thermal radiation. These can be applied to someone who is going through shock, preventing further body heat loss.

Burn Gel

If you've every had a bad burn, you know how painful they can be. Burn gel can be applied to burns that have been cleaned to provide a cooling effect and pain relief.

Iodine Swabs

Another infection prevention tool. Iodine swabs can be applied to cuts and scrapes to prevent infection and keep wounds clean.

Conforming Bandage

Ask any paramedic what one of the most commonly used items is for traumas, and their answer would likely be a conforming bandage. These can be applied to wounds on the head or limbs to help keep gauze in place and apply pressure to the wound.

Triangular Bandage

One of the most versatile items in our first aid kits is the triangular bandage. This can be used to make a sling, a head dressing, or apply pressure to any kind of wound.

Non-Adherent Wound Dressings

A non-adherent dressing is one that does not stick to the skin like other dressings might. This is really important for injuries like burns or other extensive injuries to the skin.

30ml Saline Tubes

Saline solutions are primarily used to clean wounds or flush debris out of the eye. As mentioned above, infection protection and maintaining proper hygiene is critical in first aid, and these saline tubes help you do that.

Abdominal Pads

Some wounds can be so sever that normal gauze pads will not cut it. Abdominal pads are used for large wounds or wounds that require high absorbency.

Instant Ice Pack

A cold compress is a great addition to any first aid kit. They can be used to alleviate pain as well as limit swelling. Give this ice pack a squeeze and enjoy pain relief for up to a few hours.

Nitrile Gloves

Every medical professional understands the importance of wearing proper protective equipment. These nitrile gloves are one of the best ways of preventing exposure to bodily fluids, which helps keep everyone safe.

CPR Mask

These CPR masks allow you to utilize a life saving technique while still preventing any exposure to harmful pathogens. When administering CPR, place this over a persons mouth to prevent any exchange of bodily fluids.

And much, much, more.

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